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Eliu Albelo Present

All in One Tinting & PPF Solution


First in Class Airless Backpack Sprayer


Complete Mobil Solution.

Real Time Bladder Change

Smart Pouch With
Quick Release System

Tint Buster Smart Pouch Could Be Used in Three Different Ways.

1. Attached to the Backpack Itself

2. Use it in a Traditional Way Around the Waist

3. As a Backpack Holder Under Working Stool


Accessible On/Off Wireless Button

Tint Buster Smart Features

Wireless On/Off Button

Accessible Button to Avoid Running the Pump Dry.

Smart Pouch

Easily Store your Phone Or Personal Item in Multifunctional Back Pockets

ONE Week Battery Life

Our Smart Battery is Capable to Last up to 1 Week of Work Depending on Usage

Power on The Go

USB port to Easily Charge Your Phone During Long Days Of Work

3L Water Pouch

Change Bladder in 10 Seconds with Enough Water to Tint Up to Two Full Vehicles Depending on the Size

Take It OFF

With The Smart Pouch Versatility , The Possibilities Are Endless.


Power On The Go

Never Run Out Of Battery


Back Pockets

Store Phone or Personal Item

Be Ready To Tint Smart

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