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The Tint Buster Power Keg includes a Pouch to Attatch to Any Keg with 25 feet flexible hose,1 Battery with Charging Port, Brass Sprayer with 200 Micron Filter and Yellow Fan Tip and Airless 70 psi Pump System that delivers impressive power for window tint, PPF, and Auto Detailing. This powerful machine is perfect for professionals who demand high-quality results. With the added bonus of a charging port, you can even charge your phone on the go while you work. The Tint Buster Power Keg is a must-have tool for any window tinting business looking to up their game and provide exceptional service. Get your hands on the Tint Buster Power Keg today and experience the difference for yourself. Keg is Not Included. 

Tint Buster Power Keg Pouch

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